Samsung Smart Tray

Client: Samsung


The Challenge:

Singapore prides itself as a first world country with extremely high standards of cleanliness. Ironically, the cleanliness at its food courts are left wanting. This is especially unfortunate as food courts are an integral part of the local culture. The authorities have been trying to encourage people to clear their own trays. However, civic mindedness are at an all time low and most people still do not see the need to clean up after themselves.


The Insight:

Singapore is known to be an efficient and modern city in the region. Singaporeans are familiar with the use of technology in their daily lives, and embrace new systems easily if there is an incentive to do so.


The Idea:

Smart Tray

A system that rewards people for clearing their own tables.


Step 1: Trays are equipped with sensors that will activate when food is placed on the tray. This signal is picked up by our Smart Tray app on the customer’s smartphone.


Step 2: When the tray is returned at the tray station, it sends out another signal to indicate that the cycle is complete.

Step 3: Customers receive a notification on their smartphone and are able to accumulate points to redeem rewards with various partners.