Samsung wanted to further promote "Addwash”’s USP, the front mini chute which allows users to drop in their last minute clothes during the wash cycle like your top loader washer. 

How do we further demonstrate usage of the Addwash USP?

We introduce "Washcipes". A series of videos that shares “washing recipes”; like washing tips and tricks, pre-treatment, pre-soaking etc before dropping the clothes into the Addwash through the front mini chute.


These video demonstrations further enhance the usage of Addwash front mini chute; giving users more ways of using it instead of throwing in last minute laundry.


The execution of the video uses hand choreography, which adds a little art to washing, making it look different from conventional washing video content.


These videos are distributed via Samsung's EDM, Social Blogs and Social Post.




Samsung Home Appliances would like to create social conversation prior to the launch the launch of the new Samsung AddWash Washer.


This washer has a unique feature that allows the user to add clothes in the wash during the wash cycle like your top loader washer.

Samsung’s re-imagined inventions.

A series of teaser posts are uploaded to ask users what if Samsung were to re-imagined everyday items what would it be?


These product innovation posts sparks conversation in the social space to create curiousity and further drive them to the launch of the Addwash washer.


The final post, then introduces the Samsung AddWash Washer emphasizing the feature of the unique door-in-a-door feature.



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